Vista feed gadget not updating

An attacker could even use a gadget to take complete control of your PC.

Download the Atom/RSS News Reader Gadget to your desktop. Double-click the Feed Reader.gadget icon to install the gadget. We installed this gadget in a Windows 7 virtual machine to test it and did not encounter any problems with it. If you are not comfortable with installing this gadget because it is from an Unknown Publisher, then click Don’t Install.

Users of Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets may be aware of this, but since I did not use Gadgets on Windows 7, when I came across this bit of news today, it was new to me.

But because it is an important development, I decided to post about it, albeit late.

Otherwise, click Install to continue with the installation of the gadget.

The Feed Reader gadget installs and opens on the desktop. This is where we will import feeds from Internet Explorer.


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