When do nikki and jonesy start dating

His relationship with Nikki Wong is central to the ongoing plot surrounding their characters, and his inability to maintain a job for more than a single episode is one of the program's running gags. His relationship with Nikki is central to the ongoing plot surrounding their Friends.

In the begin, he finds his own Job with his friend are they own jobs. Already a part of his circle of friends in the episode "Take this Job and Squeeze It," Jonesy is introduced in 6teen as a slacker, born into a family with two younger brothers and the prospect of taking on additional siblings from his dad's relationship with Jen Masterson's mother.

Jonesy loves Nikki Wong, and has since he was 14-years-old.

Following their first almost kiss in the episode "Clonesy," they date for approximately three months during the second season until a series of events involving buying the right gift pushes Nikki to believe that if they shouldn't continue seeing each other, they will end up losing their friendship forever.

Notable instances include his relationship with Amelie, a French exchange student who worked alongside him at an ice cream parlor and dumped him after he threatened to throw his brother in the mall fountain, as well as Lydia, a girl who refused to leave his side. Garcia [Father]Unkrown [former Mother]Diego and Robbie Garcia [Younger brothers]Jennifer "Jen" Ann Masterson [Step-sister] Emma Masterson [Step-Mother]Courtney Masterson [Step-older Sister] Emma Masterson Jr.[Step-half-sister] Jonesy Garcia is a tall, good-looking, womanizing teenage boy. Wyatt turned towards Jude, "Shouldn't we be stopping this? She was already an hour or two late and the clones probably thought she was dead… Nikki took comfort in knowing that she was about to ruin their day. She was forgetting to do something, but she couldn't remember what… The next thing I know-"Cutting him off, Jen asked, "Jude, what are you doing here? Don't you dare check out his butt, Jen sternly told herself as her eyes roamed over to Jude. Still, she couldn't help herself and giggled because Jude had a cute butt… Anyway guys, I'm gonna see if I can find Nikki, later." Jonesy stood up walked towards the Khaki Barn. Not really wanting to figure this all out now, she decided to go to work first. Funny, she never thought about stuff like that before. Taking a deep breath she heard, "…-and then the flying gorillas broke into my room and tried to steal my boxers! just make sure Coach doesn't see us talking, I'm supposed to be stacking these new running shoes.""No problem, dudette, I'll help you." He offered as he bent down to pick up the boxes. Then there were butterfly kisses, down the side of her neck, along her jaw, and one on the tip of her nose. ""Jude is like the sweetest guy ever, but they're friends! It'll ruin everything and everyone will be torn apart! " cried Caitlin."Caitlin, get a hold of yourself, if Jen dated Jude it doesn't mean that our friendship will end.


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